Conferences and Connections :

Conferences and Connections

The last six months brought new opportunities to bring curated packages of work to new audiences, beginning with Seattle in March at the Art Librarians of North American + Visual Resource Association conference. With assisted travel funds donated by the Getty Foundation, delegates attending went beyond North America to include gallery and museum directors, faculty and librarians from Mexico, South America and Eastern Europe. With a conference theme of Natural Connections, we highlighted the First Nations artists in our collection as well as more experimental and avant-garde works in our exhibit at ARLIS/NA + VRA 2016.

The end of May took us to Halifax where we had an Exhibitor's booth at the Atlantic Provincial Library conference that attracted delegates from the beyond the four Atlantic provinces. Inspired by the theme of Supporting Bodies and Minds, we created a modular catalogue for this event and received a great response from librarians, government representatives, programmers and NGOs.

Immediately after APLA, we were in Québec City for the Independent Media Arts Alliance 2016 Conference, IMPULSION/IMPULSE to reconnect with artists, media art centres and take in panels that provoked thoughtful discussion. Congratulations to Emmanuel Madan and the team of artist-run centres in Québec City who warmly welcomed us all.

MID Board member Lulu Keating gave the closing keynote address looking back at the origins of independent film and the artist-run centres in Canada while provoking discussion on what the future could hold. Lulu's pan-Canadian perspective and years of journal entries over several decades provided a wealth of information on media art centres and the IMAA in a highly entertaining presentation.

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