Alex Janvier Retrospective, National Gallery :

Alex Janvier Retrospective, National Gallery

Alex Janvier and Iris McKay of First Voice Multimedia reconnected on November 24th at the opening of Janvier's retrospective at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Curated by Greg Hill, the retrospective spans 65 years of work by Alex Janvier, from age 15 to 80. It's the third retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery curated to celebrate the work of what members of the press called "The Indian Group of Seven" back in the 1970s. Janvier renamed the group "The Indigenous Group of Eight" with a nod to Bill Reid who sometimes exhibited his work with them. With the passing of Daphne Odjig in October 2016, Alex Janvier and Joe Sanchez are two remaining living artists from this group who raised the profile of indigenous artists in the international art world. 

The late Dr. Raoul McKay and Iris McKay celebrated the genius of these artists in three documentaries created by First Voice Multimedia: The Life and Work of the Woodland Artists, The Life and Work of Daphne Odjig and The Life and Work of Alex Janvier.

It's worth a trip to Ottawa to catch the Alex Janvier retrospective, on until April 17, 2017. After that, competition among galleries will be stiff to bring in this amazing exhibition.

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