Gail Noonan


A resident of Mayne Island, British Colmbia, Gail Noonan completed her first 16mm film Play Ball while studying at the Animation program at Vancouver's Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Upon graduation, she was invited to finish her first 35mm film at den Draak Film Productions in Holland. The result was Two Beautiful Stars, a three and a half minute animated parody of relations between the sexes, which received an Honourable Mention for Best Animation at the Atlanta Film and Video Festival.

Gail has recently completed another award-winning production, an animated video, The Menopause Song. Like Your Name in Cellulite, it uses humour and outrageous animation to dispel misconceptions pertaining to women. As Gail explains "Society often promotes the notion that women don't exist as they are created, they are made."


Films by Gail Noonan