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When I Walk Emmy Speech

When I Walk Emmy Speech

Congratulations to director/producer Jason DaSilva and co-producer Alice Cook, When I Walk, on their Emmy Award for Best Outstanding Informational Program, Long Form. This worthy recognition acknowledges years of work by Jason and Alice, along with support from many ...

Colonization and Reconciliation

We are in the process of assembling works in the collection exploring themes of colonization and reconciliation. This is a beginning. There are more to come, so please check in as we update this cataloguing over the next two ...

New Releases

SILENT NO MORE: Louise Pentz, A Voice for Social Change

SILENT NO MORE: Louise Pentz, A Voice for Social Change

Andrea Vandenboer / Grace Butland

Art is an expression of our humanity, and artists give expression to the time and place in which they live. In SILENT NO MORE, Pentz shapes clay into life-size female sculptures, scoring, marking and scarring them to create tactile surfaces that reflect the experiences of women whose lives have been restrained by culture, religion, illiteracy and fear.


Surviving Eugenics

Surviving Eugenics

Robert A. Wilson / Jordan Miller / Nicola Fairbrother

In 1996, Leilani Muir won a landmark legal case against the Canadian province of Alberta for wrongful sterilization and confinement at the Provincial Training School in Red Deer, an institution for "mental defectives". Surviving Eugenics traces the history and ongoing significance of eugenics in Canada.



Jennifer Sharpe

Traceable is set against the backdrop of the fast-fashion industry and our increasing disconnect of where and how clothing is made, and the hands that create a garment. Interviews with traceability experts, intercut with emerging designer Laura Siegel's journey across India to produce her collection, the film explores our connection to the communities impacted by the products we consume.

The Hand of Franklin

The Hand of Franklin

Frank Wolf

A four-person team attempts to be the first to row self-propelled through the fabled Northwest Passage in order to shed light on the effects of climate change in the Canadian Arctic.

We Carry Each Others Memories

We Carry Each Other's Memories

Allan Tremblay / Danny Crain

In this collaboration between Marilyn Simon Ingram (IRS survivor and advocate), Barb Martin and Outreach Productions, Indian Residential School survivors in Atlantic Canada reflect on their experiences with the Shubenacadie Residential School in central Nova Scotia.

UNDEFEATED. An intimate portrait of Parkinsons

UNDEFEATED. An intimate portrait of Parkinson's

Kim Knechtel

Inspirational and raw, UNDEFEATED features five individuals living with Parkinson's, the second-most-common neurological disorder after Alzheimer's. All led very active lives and continue to be as active as they can. They share a wealth of information on daily challenges they face--while shopping, driving, getting dressed, shaving, representing a client as a courtroom lawyer, hiking, and many more.