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Welcome to Moving Images Distribution! Please browse through our outstanding collection of award-winning film, video and transmedia creations by some of Canada's most innovative directors and media artists. Despite our roots in film, all titles here are in digital formats and available for streaming licenses for institutional use through password-protected sites. You can purchase them on DVD or contact us to present them in screenings, exhibit them in galleries too. For streaming licenses, curated screenings or use other than DVD purchases, please contact our staff who are familiar with the works we offer here. They may also be able to offer additional suggestions and provide digital previews to assist with your curation.

The pages in this web store list pricing for DVD purchase. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to create an account online. Once your account is established, you can order DVDs and review your account history.

Moving Images Distribution is a not-for-profit organization founded by Canadian independent filmmakers in 1979. We continue to take pride in supporting artists and their creativity in the arena of the moving image.

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The annual general meeting for Moving Images Distribution Society will be held Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 4 pm (Pacific), 5 pm (Mountain), 6 pm (Central), 7 pm (Eastern), 8 pm (Atlantic). RSVP to mailbox@movingimages.ca with AGM ...


The month of September 2019 saw the world première of Transmissions, an immersive multimedia installation anchored in Indigenous languages and world view at the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. From our initial involvement in ...

Tributes to Barb Cranmer

Following her passing May 17, 2019 after a battle with cancer, artists and audiences mourned the loss of award-winning filmmaker Barb Cranmer of the 'Namgis First Nation, Alert Bay, B.C. A series of tributes followed with screenings of her ...

New Releases

The World Is Bright

The World Is Bright

Ying Wang

When an only child dies mysteriously abroad, his parents leave Beijing to find out why. Answers don't come easily in a 10-year journey that exposes flawed immigration policies, a systemic stigma of mental illness, and a Kafkaesque state bureaucracy at the heart of global migration.

The Heart of the Fraser

The Heart of the Fraser

Brendan Chu

The Heart of the Fraser highlights the continuing destruction of the culturally rich ecosystem in the gravel reach of the lower Fraser River from Hope to Mission, British Columbia and what needs to happen to save this significant ecosystem from environmental collapse.


Fierce Girls

Fierce Girls

Loretta Sarah Todd

Cross-platform storytelling follows the adventures of two teenage girls--one Cree, the other Maori--who share life experiences across the globe and address life's challenges in a creative and empowering way.

Cesnaem, the city before the city

Cesna'em, the city before the city

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers

Members of the Musqueam First Nation reflect on the 24-hour, 200-day occupation in Vancouver, British Columbia to protect their 4,000-year-old ancestral village from destruction by a condo development.

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop

Kama Sood

Michelle is struggling to manage family and rejoin the workforce, all while dealing with her mother's advancing dementia.

The Fifth Region

The Fifth Region

Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk / Aeyliya Husain

Canada's Arctic is divided into four territories. Inuit children were affected greatly by the 60s Scoop and a large number of Inuit people now live in the South, which they call "the fifth region." Two young urban Inuit people share their personal journeys to reconcile mixed identities and reconnect with tradiional Inuit culture far from home.